About FHP Pharmacy Services

Our Mission

Establish a true business working relationship with a commitment for excellent pharmacy services. We consider every facility that we service an asset to our company. FHP Pharmacy prides its reputation on customer services. We will EXCEED your expectations!

Pharmacy Services

FHP Pharmacy Services, Inc. (a division of Forest Hills Pharmacy) is located in St. Michael, Pennsylvania. Forest Hills Pharmacy has been in business for over 30 years and has been servicing Long Term Care Facilities since the beginning. FHP is also a Hospice pharmacy and is contracted with over 50 hospices in PA.

In 2001, FHP Pharmacy Services, which is a closed door pharmacy, (specifically licensed for institutional pharmacy services) was established to better service the needs of skilled, intermediate, personal care homes and assisted living facilities. FHP Pharmacy Services also services Group Homes, as well as other Youth Facilities. We tailor our procedures and medication systems to best suit your facility.

FHP Pharmacy Services, Operation Consultant Team will coordinate the collection of all resident data with the actual transfer of information from the MARS and Treatment Sheets, as well as, insurance information and other personal data.

FHP Pharmacy Services accepts all insurances and all Medicare Part D Prescription Plans. We have our own billing department staffed with billing specialists. This department handles all billing information, Power of Attorney Information, and the Privacy Act. Our billing department works with the responsible party to help with partial credits when permissible. (Example.. when using the 14day system). FHP Pharmacy Services has a website available with current Medicare Part D information to assist your residents.

Every facility is assigned a pharmacy technician for a cycle fill and for daily data entry. This allows better quality assurance for medications. FHP also handles all routine prescription refills and telephones the physician for non-formulary drugs. Our data entry department is able to provide you with detailed reports that suit your needs.

FHP Pharmacy Services provides Med Training prior to the initial start date and continues med training on an as needed basis for additional staff members.

FHP Pharmacy Services provides all standard medication carts, treatment carts, MARS holders, pill crushers, initial start up sharps containers, hand sanitizers, and cart accessories.