FHP is one of the few pharmacies in the state of Pennsylvania who provide QuickMAR, a state-of-the-art eMAR web-based software solution.

Overall, QuickMAR improves the accuracy of med passes with alarms, warnings, and improved communications.

The QuickMAR module is connected real-time with FHP which allows for facilities to notify FHP of new orders,re-order meds/supplies, and communicate other pertinent information.

QuickMAR Benefits:

  • Shows the meds due on the current med pass
  • Use barcodes to scan the meds as you pick them
  • Alarms prevent potential errors
  • Record results with one mouse click
  • Record exceptions to the normal pass
  • Record treatments—BP, BG, etc.
  • Displays resident photo on all resident-related screens
  • Pharmacy interface lets your pharmacist enter all doctor’s orders
  • Schedule meds at any time of day and any days during the week
  • Enter stop and start dates on a med order
  • Immediately reflects changes upon effective date
  • Flags recent changes to a person’s routine for one week
  • Robust reporting including MAR, TAR, Medication Disposal Log, and Physicians Orders Report
  • Fast and simple med check-in at cycle fill
  • Record your med destruction or returns by scanning bar codes
  • Accommodates multiple med carts for a single facility
  • Secure login with custom security levels