Mock Surveys

Keeping your facility up to state regulations is one of FHP’s top priorities. FHP conducts quarterly med room “mock” state inspections. What does this mean for you? FHP keeps you in state compliance with all of the entities to due with medications and all of the forms/paperwork that goes with them. A pharmacy staff member will visit your facility and start the audit by checking for outdated medication. They will then proceed to check all medication against the MAR. Looking further into every survey, they will then check all orders against the MAR i.e. D/C’d medication, change in dosage, or any other type of change with any medication. They also survey your census to make sure all patients are accounted for and all meds are correct. After the survey is finished, there is a report delivered to the administration of the facility with in depth explanation of the survey and what it entails.

What We Check For

If the state is coming in to your facility, just simply notify FHP and a pharmacist will schedule an emergency survey to help with your state inspection.

In most cases, a “mini” survey is done while conducting the bi-weekly exchange of your medication. Any survey FHP does is at no cost to your facility. This is just one of many advantages of having FHP as your house pharmacy. Please contact FHP for more details on the mock med room surveys.