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Choose Your Pharmacy – Fight4Rx

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Have you felt pressured by your health insurance company or pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to utilize a pharmacy of their choosing rather than your own choosing? Maybe you have received calls from a PBM such as Caremark, Express Scripts or Optum after filling a prescription telling you that you could save money if you utilized a specific big box chain pharmacy or get your drugs via mail order. Or perhaps you have been told your pharmacy of choice is no longer in your pharmacy network. What you have experienced is called steering, and Fight4Rx wants to hear about your experiences and assist you.

Fight4Rx has created resources that you can use to fight back against this practice by informing your insurance company, regulatory agencies and elected officials to alert them of these practices and ask for action to remedy them.

You can customize your own letter to share your own experiences. Simply answer a few questions and this tool will generate a personalized letter for you.

Your voice is powerful and sharing your personal stories illustrate the need for action by policymakers and employers and insurance companies to ensure decisions regarding health care remain in the hands of patients, not insurance companies or PBM middlemen.

Please share your story today, and please help alert others to the resources available by sharing this information with your friends and contacts through email and social media.